Homelessness Week 2020

National Homelessness Week will be held from 3 – 8 August 2020

Due to the pandemic there won’t be a physical launch of the week and the focus will instead be on media and social media advocacy and activism.

Aiming to advocate around the economic impact of COVID-19 and likely increases in homelessness, along with the need for investment in social housing it will be tied to the Everybody’s Home Campaign .

The theme is ‘Everybody needs a home’ and reflects on the importance of having a home to stay healthy and well during the pandemic and recovery from the devastating impact of bush fires that resulted in people losing their homes.

During the week, people will be asked to contact their local MP and get them to sign a pledge supporting investment in social housing.

Previous news updates…

Barwon Homelessness Network Update – 13 Aug 2020

Barwon Homelessness Network Update – 13 Aug 2020

SOURCE: https://everybodyshome.com.au/heat-maps/?mc_cid=768109636f&mc_eid=bef4806dfd   News: The Conversation- 4th August- 400,000 women over 45 are at risk of homelessness in AustraliaEverybodys Home campaign- data and statistics heat mapsVictorian...

Barwon Homelessness Network Update – 30 Jul 2020

Barwon Homelessness Network Update – 30 Jul 2020

Homelessness funded agencies are meeting with MP’s next week in Homelessness Week 2-7th August to ask members to the sign the Pledge for Social Housing. Ring, email or write to your local Members of Parliament to tell them that Every Victorian Needs a Home. The Barwon...

Barwon Homelessness Network Update – 14 Jul 2020

Barwon Homelessness Network Update – 14 Jul 2020

News: Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry Homelessness Hearing – Barwon and South West Region was held yesterday. The transcripts will be available will be available in the coming weeks.AHURI Brief- 2018- What is the Housing First model and how does it help those...




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