Kym Peake Secretary


Kym Peake Secretary

Dear colleagues

Last week I announced a new high level structure for the Department of Health and Human Services that will take effect from
3 July 2017. The structure will enable us to better deliver on our responsibilities as an organisation, meet the growing demand for our services and drive better outcomes for all Victorians.   

As an organisation we know we can’t stand still, and a number of factors influencing our environment have made the case for change compelling. Our new structure will enable us to quickly respond to the environment we now work within and it creates opportunities for new ways of working, including with our key stakeholders.

The new high level structure, which will come in to place on 3 July, will consist of six Divisions, each headed by a senior deputy secretary:

  • Children, Families, Disability and Operations – Chris Asquini
  • Health and Wellbeing – Terry Symonds
  • Housing, Infrastructure, Sport and Recreation – Nick Foa
  • Regulation, Health Protection and Emergency Management – Melissa Skilbeck
  • Corporate Services – Carolyn de Gois
  • Strategy and Planning – Amity Durham (Acting)

The new structure also includes three portfolio agencies:

  • Victorian Agency for Health Information – Diane Watson
  • Safer Care Victoria – Professor Euan Wallace
  • Family Safety Victoria – CEO to be appointed by the Premier

Family Safety Victoria (FSV) will be established as an administrative office attached to our department. It will provide a dedicated focus on operationalising the delivery of the Government’s family violence reforms, with ministerial oversight by the Special Minister for State.

We have been consulting with our staff for over a year now on how to best maximise service delivery, address long-standing issues and take advantage of opportunities. Following last week’s announcement, we will continue those consultations in order to finalise further structure details and undertake formal change processes as required with our staff and unions.

Further details about these changes are contained in the speech I delivered to staff last week and the slides used during the presentation. The speech, slides, and a copy of the new high-level Department of Health and Human Services structure are available on our website.

I look forward to sharing our progress with you in the coming months and thank you for your ongoing support.

Kym Peake
Department of Health and Human Services