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Our vision: “Our community is a leader in working together to enable our young people to succeed.”
We will know we have succeeded when 90% or more of our young people are achieving
Year 12 or equivalent (Certificate III).



News from Beyond the Bell

Beyond the Bell AGM

Date: Thursday 9th November
Time: 2 - 3.30pm
Venue: Mozart Hall, Warrnambool
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Info: The AGM will celebrate our achievements and set future goals that will increase opportunities for success within the Great South Coast Region. 

Growing Greater Readers Workshop

Date: Wednesday 18th October
Time: either 2 - 3.30pm or 4 - 5.30 - afternoon tea 3.30 - 4pm
Venue: Hamilton Library
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Info: The sessions outline the benefits of reading to children, the reading process, how to select a good book, and read aloud strategies. 

Corangamite Schools Network Forum: Making Space for Learning - Trauma Informed Approaches for the Classroom
Date: Wednesday 18th October
Time: 4 - 7:30pm
Venue: Theatre Royal, Camperdown
Enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Info: The workshop addresses the neurobiology and neurophsysiology of Complex Trauma and examines what educators and school support personnel can see as a result. The workshop shares 'best practice' strategies for classrooms and schools. 

Beyond the Bell Strategic Directions Workshop Day 2
Date: Thursday 30th November 
Time: All day
Venue: TBC
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Message from the Chair

Thank you to all of you who were able to be part of the Strategic Planning Forum Day facilitated by Liz Skelton in September. It was very instructive and provided some really important insights for the Board to consider deeply. We are pulling together these reflections as I go to print but they will be available before our next forum to be held on 30th November. 

Again, if you can make this forum, we would be so appreciative and look forward to your thoughts and insights.

For your interest, from the previous forum, eight themes were prioritised as important for our local region. They included absenteeism, aspiration, health and wellbeing, vulnerability, attitudes, accessibility, literacy, and connectedness.

The Southwest PCP is assisting us to draw together data that will show the trends of these themes in each of the LAGs. We hope that this will enable the LAGs to decide on the themes they wish to pursue notwithstanding that some of the LAGs are really forging ahead with their existing projects.

We met with the Corangamite and Colac Otway LAGs this month, and appreciated their thoughts on BtB and our progress. Corangamite and Colac Otway LAGs are doing some very innovative work with their Continuum of Need Project and the progress is extremely impressive. Well done Corangamite and Colac Otway LAGs!

It’s nearly AGM time so if any of you who are not members of BtB, then maybe it’s time to relinquish ten bucks and become a fully-fledged voting member of BtB. Hopefully you might like to take up the challenge, as the more members we have the more we can influence our funders.

Looking forward to seeing you at the second strategy forum,

Francis Broekman, 
Beyond the Bell Board Chair

Beyond the Bell AGM

Beyond the Bell's Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday November 9th at the Mozart Hall in Warrnambool.

The AGM will include an election to fill 2 vacancies on the BtB Board. Members are encouraged to consider nominating. Nominations Forms (signed by the candidate and proposing member) and Consent Forms must be submitted to the Company Secretary by 26th October. Please contact Ailiche (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to receive Nomination and Consent Forms. 

It is an exciting time to be part of the BtB collective, with funding secured for the next 3 years and renewed / reviewed priorities in their final stages.

Please note that current memberships have been extended to 30 June 2018 to align with the financial year. If you hold a Beyond the Bell membership from last year you will be eligible to vote at the AGM.

New membership applications must be received  by 20 October for participation in the Board election.

For information and enquiries contact:

Ailiche: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adele: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or visit:


Beyond the Bell Membership

Become a Beyond the Bell member!

Membership entitles you to voting rights at the BtB AGM on November 9th, automatic inclusion on the monthly e-zine distribution and invitations to special events. Individual membership costs $10; organisational membership costs $50. For AGM voting eligibility, membership must be received by October 20th.

Most importantly, your membership assists in the delivery of Beyond the Bell initiatives, which are all aimed at supporting out young people to succeed.

Contact Ailiche (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information and forms. Alternatively you can download membership forms from:


Strategic Directions Workshop

Beyond the Bell's Strategic Directions Workshop, held in Warrnambool on September 20th at Deakin University, was the first step to setting Beyond the Bell's direction for the next three years. 

Liz Skelton from Collaboration for Impact facilitated the workshop, and guided the collective through Beyond the Bell's history, outlook, areas of impact and key challenges. The 'history wall' mapped key events along the Beyond the Bell timeline, with key themes emerging along the trajectory.

A number of external and internal priorities were identified during the workshop. These priorities will be circulated amongst the BtB collective for feedback. These insights will be collected and form the basis of the second Strategic Directions Workshop on November 9th. 

At the core of collective impact initiatives are collaborative proces-ses; outcomes and processes are key to Beyond the Bell's collective impact ethos. The Collaborative Change Cycle highlights that large social change occurs through a dynamic process of designing, implementing, testing, and revising.

The scale of Beyond the Bell's task necessitates a non-linear action plan.

Built into the Collaborative Cycle of Change are phases where collectives 'release' 'refresh' and 'renew'.

The Strategic Directions Workshop provided an opportunity to refresh and renew Beyond the Bell's priorities. 

Beyond the Bell thanks Deakin University, Warrnambool Campus and Brother Fox Catering for their hospitality. 

More information about Liz Skelton, as well as collective impact literature can be found at :


LAG in Focus: Colac Otway

The Colac Otway Local Action Group have focussed on 2 important initiatives.
Continuum of Need
The Continuum of Need (CoN) is a dual project within the Colac Otway and Corangamite shires that focuses on using the CoN Framework, which identifies 40 domains that enable young learners to thrive. The project aims to empower vulnerable learners and their carers by establishing a team of support around the learner and carer. This team works collaboratively to identify agreed interventions that support the learner to reach their potential.
The CoN Framework provides a common understanding and shared language which assists in identifying the wide range of learner and family contexts and needs.
There are four levels within the Continuum of Need; each level indicates an escalating level of need across a wide range of key indicators, which are categorised by family and environmental factors, parenting capacity and developmental needs.

As an example: A child in Level One is identified as achieving and developing at a satisfactory level, with no identified areas of additional need, supported by universal support services. A child in Level Four is identified as requiring acute care and services, is at risk of cumulative harm and may require mandated intervention.
Importantly, the CoN provides a framework for consideration and conversations, not definitive answers. The CoN emphasises that children and young people rarely fall neatly into one level, and that professional assessment is required when deciding which needs take priority when identifying the appropriate level. Furthermore, the lines between each level are inevitably blurry and there will always be different interpretations.
Phase One of the CoN began in March 2017. Beyond the Bell acknowledges the funding support from the State Trustees Australia Foundation, School Focused Youth Services (Corangamite) and South West LLEN. 

Phase One involved a pilot program within two schools from each shire. Within the Colac Otway shire, Colac Lavers Hill K-12 and Colac Primary School chose to participate. The pilot program focussed on four learners from each school that were identified at level 3 and 4 on the criteria of need.

The learners were supported through a ‘Team Around the Learner’ (TAL). The TAL initiate contact, analyse need, plan and deliver services, monitor and evaluate progress and plan transitions. This approach emphas-ises skill building and empowerment rather than symptom management as well as a learner’s context rather than indicators. The CoN is underpinned by 'trauma informed practice' where learners are understood within their background, experiences and culture.

Phase One of the pilot program concluded at the end of June 2017 and an evaluation report has been circulated to schools for review. Phase Two of the CoN involves reviewing feedback, strengthening partnerships with schools and the community. Key focuses for Phase Two involve developing understan-ding around the root causes of social and emotional wellbeing; examples include: 

  • shared purpose
  • connection and support
  • inclusion and engagement
  • enabling people to feel valued, respected and heard
  • resilience
  • leadership and trust through positive commitment and communication
  • feeling safe
  • a sense of belonging

Phase 2 will also include the development of CoN and TAL training modules and evaluation methodology and tools. 

90 Day Action Plan
Colac Otway LAG have developed a 90 Day Action Plan, which addresses seven priority areas.
Priority Area One: Student Emotional and Social Wellness
The aim of Student Emotional and Social Wellness comprises four elements; identify vulnerability earlier, improve the interface between universal settings and community services around vulnerable families, facilitate a coordinated approach to social and emotional wellness of students and provide a common language and skills across sectors.

The Colac Otway LAG is currently supporting the implementation of the CoN project through its next stage.

Priority Area Two: Transition Children and Young People Across Life Stages
Transition Children and Young People Across Life Stages aims to improve transition points within the preschool to further education continuum. Early identification of vulnerable students, and school readiness (in particular early literacy) are key focus areas.
Priority Area Three: Flexible Education

The aim of Flexible Education is to support sustainability for flexible learning options. This includes ‘turning point / ignition point’, and making employment pathways into curriculum accessible and sustainable.
Priority Area Four: Coordinated Approach to Service Delivery and Program Development

A collective impact approach between schools, community and business is at the heart of Coordinated Approach to Service Delivery and Program Development. This involves investigating how Colac Otway LAG can capacity built by working in with other local programs and partnerships within the region. 

Priority Area Five: Further Education and Employment 

The Further Education and Employment priority aim is to decrease the current separation between youth people and business. This involves a co-ordinated approach to TAFE enrolments as well as development and growth in local pathway options for young people
Priority Area Six:  Communication Strategy

Communication is key, and Colac Otway LAG’s Communication Strategy focuses on increasing the understanding, support and enthusiasm within the community to help our young people attain year 12 or equivalent. This involves connecting the work of schools and community organisations to be meaningful and supported by the broader community.  The BtB regional network has developed both strategy and agency to service the strategy.

Priority Area Seven: Cultural Inclusiveness

The aim of Cultural Inclusiveness focusses on the inclusion and celebration of marginalised groups within our community. Avenues for this priority area involve supporting the Aboriginal Gathering Place Project and the development of a Colac Otway Shire Multicultural strategy.
Well done to Colac Otway LAG for their continued commitment to ameliorating the services, pathways and opportunities for our young people. 

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