YWCA Housing has been successful in its bid to head lease 4 x 2 bed properties for women in the Geelong Region.

As you may already be aware, applicants for this program will need to be priority registered on the OoH waitlist (homelessness with support). The program can consider a couple and these tenants will be deemed to be women-headed households (lease to be in the woman’s name in the case of a male/female couple), however the properties have been targeted to women, so a woman and child or women sharing is acceptable.

Applicants who are most likely to take over the existing lease arrangement at the end of the 12 month term, are strongly encouraged.


We are currently delivering 29 properties under this initiative and currently the following process has been working well, but we are happy to discuss any areas that Salvation Army might like changed/improved;

  1. Application received - please send all applications and letter of support to Clarissa Stewart This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.    Introduction meeting with support and applicant (this meeting allows YWCA to receive and discuss any special requirements with the client and answer any questions etc.)

3.    YWCA will then head lease a property that meets the clients requirements (where possible, and keeping in mind the current competitive rental market)

4.    At this point, the applicant will need to be ready with 2 weeks rent in advance and a bond

5.    Once the property is secured, the tenant must sign up and commence the lease on the same day at the head lease is signed

6.    YWCA Housing/support to meet and view property at 3 month lease commencement mark

7.    YWCA Housing/support/Client meet at 6 month mark to discuss exit from program (taking over existing lease? Housing options? including YWCA Housing? New lease?)

Please find attached the following documentation:

  • YWCA Rapid Housing Q&A sheet for services and applicants
  • YWCA Head leasing Application Form

YWCA is keen to receive applications as soon as possible as these properties need to be filled by 30 June – so please send through asap!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Louise Daniel

Louise Daniel

Operations Manager

YWCA Victoria

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YWCA Victoria proudly recognises the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including the right to own and control their cultures, and pays respect around these rights. YWCA Victoria commits to respecting and actively supporting the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and world views.

Download this file (YWCA RAPID HOUSING Q And A 060217.pdf)YWCA RAPID HOUSING Q And A 060217.pdf[ ]380 kB