Fast Connect was excited to be a gold sponsor of the conference and it was a great opportunity for Rebecca and myself to learn more about the sector.
If your organisation provides a service to help its housing clients with connection or disconnection utility services such as Electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet, PayTV, then Fast Connect may be able to help with a hassle free and quick service. Fast Connect would be delighted for an opportunity to meet with you and the relevant people in your team to discuss the possibility of your organisation and Fast Connect working together.
Fast Connect provide a FREE Service to you and your clients.
To provide some background, I have included some more information about Fast Connect below.
Fast Connect are a utilities connection service. We assist people to have their utilities (gas, electricity, phone, internet) connected and disconnected when they are moving property. Fast Connect have been in operation for over 15 years and we have relationships with the top-tier utility companies.
We work with a diverse range of organisations including Defence Housing, Anglicare, Red Cross, AMES and Diversitat. Fast Connect also is one of the largest companies providing connection services to the Real Estate Industry.
Our big difference is that we are fully computerised and lodge your clients connections directly (electronically) with the top-tier utility company immediately (connection requests are done ON-LINE).
Fast Connect guarantees immediate lodgement and unlike other companies does not have to contact the client for information and permission to lodge their request (All other companies use a call centre to contact your clients).
If a call centre can't contact your client, then the connection may be delayed or connection failed. Fast Connect eliminates this major problem.
We provide generous rebates for any successful connections which can be credited on to your clients utility account or paid to directly to your organisation.
$50 Electricity
$50 Gas
Importantly, there are no contracts for any of our connections meaning that your clients would not be locked in to any services that were connected through Fast Connect.
As mentioned we would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with you further and I can be contacted by email or mobile 0419 033 120.
Kind regards

Ian Sunderman – Licenced Estate Agent

m: 0419033120

FAST CONNECT  - Online Utility Connections

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