September 2017

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Sept/Oct Webinars​
Veterans webinar

Suicide Bereavement
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Upcoming Webinars

Supporting the mental health of people living with obesity 
Date: Wednesday, 6th September 2017
Time: 7.15-8.30pm (AEST)  More information

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Watch: Glenn Mackintosh, Weight Psychologist & MHPN Webinar Panellist, discuss the upcoming webinar.

MHPN Obesity webinar

Understanding the Impact of Veterans’ Mental Health on their Families, Partners and Children 
Produced on behalf of the Department of Veterans' Affairs

Date: Thursday, 5th October 2017
Time: 7.15-8.30pm (AEDT) More information

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Intergenerational trauma explored through Aboriginal storytelling

Practitioners from MHPN’s Mid North Coast Complex Trauma Network recently listened to Aboriginal Trauma Counsellor, Shelle Cowan share her knowledge about Aboriginal intergenerational trauma in a culturally sensitive way. 

Sitting in a circle, the group was mesmerised by the heartbreaking story of five generations of women from the one family.   
The biggest shock for us all was the very final detail in Shelle’s story.  It was definitely an evening that we will remember,” said network member Rowena Bianchino.

I love the realisation point when I see people 'get it'.  Gives me hope that one day we will see a change and we will stand together and stand strong to embrace and nurture each other’s culture. This is my dream,” said Shelle Cowan.   Read more.

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Interested in taking a lead role and coordinating an existing MHPN network?  

MHPN will support you and is looking for coordinators in the following areas: 

  • South Australia - Adelaide Transcultural Mental Health Network. For more information email 
  • Wangaratta - Victoria - Wangaratta MHPN. For more information email 
  • Spring Hill - Queensland - Spring Hill Balint Group. For more information email 
  • NSW - Leichhardt MHPN. For more information email .

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Network uses MHPN funding to purchase group resources

Meeting since 2014, the Warrnambool ACT MHPN are a group of practitioners who meet regularly to discuss adolescent mental health.  Recently, they used network funding to buy books about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for members to read and use during meetings.“The books are fantastic for promoting conversation.  Thank you, it’s been great to start a library and give our group some additional focus,” Coordinator Mark Powell said. 

From left: Olivia Notter Psychologist, Emily Gillmartin Social Worker, Mark Powell Coordinator & Mental Health Nurse.

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