“Victorian Homelessness Networks facilitate, inform & support regional homelessness services & stakeholders to work together to co-ordinate services to people who are experiencing or who are at risk of homelessness.”


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Objective 1

To promote and support innovation, knowledge sharing and expertise in the best interests of consumers

  • That a unified and common approach across the State supports a stronger & more resilient service system  
  • Capacity for common data collection and analysis is realized & utilized to better inform decision making, service integration and future funding submissions
  • Opportunities for shared training intra and inter sector occur
  • Consumer outcomes are measured and reported
  • Research is designed and conducted collaboratively and research findings have system wide application
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Objective 2

To foster relationships and collaboration between service providers to ensure timely, coordinated and effective responses

  • Services recognize the benefits of working together rather than in isolation
  • Service providers acknowledge the organizational benefits of a collaborative and coordinated service system approach which is documented and reviewed
  • Service providers support each other and share resources to achieve effective consumer outcomes
  • Good practice models of service delivery are identified and exchanged
  • Service co-ordination is valued and respected
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Objective 3

To act as a conduit between the Department of Human Services and the regional service sector on homelessness related data, issues and trends to inform policy.

  • Area & Central DHS are aware of current issues impacting housing, homelessness & support services
  • DHS staff know how to access information about homelessness assistance and support
  • Regional homelessness services are pro active in maintaining  current & informed  knowledge about policy & practice matters.
  • DHS & Homelessness support services support each other to achieve the best possible consumer outcomes
  • Information  is made available  that improves overall understanding of homelessness in the community